Chancellor Kurz, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

                               By Professor Dr Georgios Piperopoulos     

     Reminding my readers that as of January 7, 2020 You are again the Chancellor of Austria, as a University Professor who received my doctorate from the Austrian University of Salzburg half a century ago, reading your statements on the ‘offensive’ the Turkish President Mr Erdogan has started a few days ago against Greece – and indirectly against the European Union- using shamelessly thousands of young ‘migrants’ I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  

Austrian Chancellor Mr Sebastian Kur

  I have been reading carefully your reactions to Mr Erdogan’s use of thousands of young men as a human siege ram against the Greeks at the Turkish Greek border in the area of Evros I felt the invincible strong urge to congratulate you as a young, inspired and indeed inspiring European political Leader! 
     In recent days you have spoken of the blackmail carried out by the Turkish President against Greece with ultimate target the EU and you have referred to the repetition of the 'supposedly refugee tragedy’ that flooded Europe with more than ONE million illegal migrants in 2015-2016, when you were Austrian Foreign Minister and you orchestrated the border closure in all Balkan countries' prohibiting the flow of migrants to Europe.
     On Thursday March 5, 2020 reading the statements you made to the Vienna daily ‘Kronen Zeitung’ I highlight the following phrases which denude Mr Erdogan’s blatant, unprovoked attack on Greece while simultaneously underlying the potential ’end’ of the European Union. 
    “This is a Turkish campaign. It is an attack by Turkey on the European Union and Greece. People are being abused in order to put pressure on Europe”
   “The migrants gathered at the Greek border, according to Kurz, are also mostly comprised of migrants who have lived in Turkey for years, rather than asylum seekers fleeing from the Idlib region where Turkey has been conducting military operations.”
    "If the protection of the European Union's external borders does not work, then Europe without internal borders is history"  
    "As the European Union, we mustn't be susceptible to blackmail. If the European Union isn't able to defy President Erdogan then we are not only showing weakness but it's also the beginning of the end.”

     Austrian Chancellor Mr Sebastian Kurz, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

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