Ladies and Gentlemen of the EU, Heads of States: at the forthcoming EU Summit on 24 and 25 September, Turkish challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as immigration will be discussed. Expect serious decisions to be made, especially sanctions on Turkey. I am sure that not only sanctions will not be imposed but you will send the wrong message to Mr. Erdogan to continue his unacceptable and delinquent behavior towards the EU and the rest of the world. It will be a huge mistake that will jeopardize the cohesion and peaceful coexistence of its member states. WHY;

At a time when Greeks, Europeans and Americans are looking for ways to de-escalate the crisis on the part of Turkey, the Turks are reaching the final point of challenge, demanding the evacuation and surrender of 9 inhabited islands! Specifically, they talk about “Turkish islands” that are “illegally” occupied by Greece. Are these islands European or not? So, Turkey does not respect the Lausanne Treaty? And we are talking about inhabited islands and not rocky islets as the Turks used to dispute until today.

Ladies and Gentlemen: do you accept the “Turkish Blue Homeland” promoted by Turkey? If so, then, why High officials of E.E. (J. Borrell)   say: “we will protect the EU’s external borders”? Who are you kidding? Because maps posted on many Turkish ministries, the “Turkish Blue Homeland” depicts all those maritime zones it claims as Turkish, Ankara in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Therefore, it is claiming EU territory.

Let everyone understand, History repeats itself. Its laws are timeless. In fact, what makes history the most interesting social science is that it highlights WHAT is repeated over the centuries. That is why he can anticipate what will be repeated. Many think that, with today’s technological means, Turkey will not only not create a Blue Homeland, but is in danger of disintegrating completely. They ignore the basics: the Ottomans never had technological superiority. History is relentless in punishing the arrogant and the impudent.

The illegal presence of Turkish troops today in Syria, Iraq, Northern Cyprus and Libya, as well as its plans for intervention in other countries, leaves no doubt that Turkey, and especially Mr. Erdogan, is dreaming and moving for the creation of a new Ottoman Empire under another name. Is that what you really want?

Ladies and Gentlemen, have you forgotten what took to dismantle the “Ottoman Empire”? There were so many revolutions and wars throughout the length and breadth of the then “Ottoman Empire” to resolve the so-called “Eastern problem”. In all the years of enslavement of peoples there have always been revolutions. And the Ottoman sword was purifying innocent people.

In the consciousness of the peoples, Turkey has been recorded as the “evil of the Balkans”, while historians called the Ottoman Empire the “big patient” of Europe. Have you realized that a “barbaric people” descended from some mountains of Armenia and in the name of Allah destroyed incomparable civilizations of centuries that had developed in the Balkans, Asia Minor, the Black Sea and the entire Mediterranean basin? And all this in 300-400 years!

There is no doubt that tough sanctions should be imposed on Turkey. Only then she will understand to change her delinquent behavior. If she wants a solution to any problems Turkey has with the EU and her neighbors. But what you first need to weigh well, is the future course of Euro-Turkish relations. Turkey has a clear expansionist strategy. History teaches that she is ruthless, and capable of many things.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Think very seriously about what Turkey we want to have as a neighboring country and decide properly and -mostly- in time!

If the EU really wants to survive, it must be able to protect its members from the aggression of countries such as Turkey, which apparently violates all UN articles with shame and cost.

It is time for a real common EU defense and foreign policy. If it does not do so even now, the message to the international community will be one of defeat and disrepute, as it tolerates revisionist powers like Turkey undermining conditions and principles for which rivers of blood have been shed.

Now is the time for the EU to defend its reasons for founding and to put forward values ​​that unfortunately tend to be devalued due to economic business interests of some countries.

Sanctions must be imposed on Turkey, not for doing nothing again, but for what it did. Even with suspension. Turkey (due to forthcoming EU Summit on 24 and 25 September) seems willing for dialogue but the day after the looming agreement, Erdogan will start all over the same game. And he will become more aggressive and dangerous!

Professor Peter P. Groumpos, Emeritus Professor, University of Patras, Greece

I am sure I express the opinion of millions of European citizens.