It’s the agreement stupid !

How sensible, historically true and fair is to

name the country of Skopje as Bavaria, the people Bavarians, the language Bavarian and their products (e.g. beer) Bavarian?

This is the unbelievable concept of the illegal and ridiculous document called “Prespes agreement”.
So, please do not feel pity for the party who is stealing the Makedonian identity (Skopje), but for the party that is losing its ancient inheritance (Greece)
The quicker we understand that the “Prespes agreement” is completely insane, the better for all concerned. Transparency and historical facts needs to prevail:
  • by confessing and confirming the Greek and ancient origin of Makedonia,
  • but naming two totally different peoples (Greek and Slavs) as Makedonians.

We certainly want to live in peace with our neighbours! We can achieve this by respecting and being proud of one's true history, and not by stealing our neighbours'...

There is only one solution and way forward. The very clear historical and logical truth:
There is only one original Makedonia: it is the place where this Greek city-state was established and flourished, where its kings were born and grew up, where the source of the ancient Greek - Makedonian spirit was born and spread to the rest of the world.  And is not only the famous Alexander the Great, but also his teacher Aristoteles, whom along with his teacher Plato, he has been called the "Father of Western Philosophy", who wrote hundreds of books, of course, in his native Greek language.
Its agreement stupid
The so called, «Prespes agreement», obviously cannot settle the issue of Makedonia, by naming Greeks and Slav-Albanians all together as “Makedonians"; the history of both, as “Makedonian"; their products as Makedonian and baptizing a Bulgarian dialect as a "Makedonian language", when the ancient and modern day Makedonians are Greek (also according to the agreement, article 7.2  https://s.kathimerini.gr/resources/article-files/symfwnia-aggliko-keimeno.pdf ), and who speak the Greek language.
Thus, this ridiculous and unacceptable agreement, is officially stealing the history and the name of the original MAKEDONIANS, who are only but GREEK!
 Examples of the paranoiac results of this untrue, terrible and ridiculous doc:

  • Makedonian people
  • Makedonian wine
  • Makedonian borders
Please name which is the native origin of the above entities

  • The ancient philosopher Aristotelis was Makedonian
  • The official Makedonian language is of ’Slav' origin
  • According to the official Makedonian language, the name of the capital city of Makedonia is Solun.                                                                                                                   
Please tell us what was the spoken language of Aristotelis and the original name of the capital of Makedonia??

Dear reader, surely you are confused, because this is the purpose of the “Prespes agreement” and the artificial Makedonia issue.
We remind you that the “Prespes agreement” was a result of a non-clear negotiation procedure, where:
  • The procedure started with an illegal referendum in Skopje, where 36.91% of the voters participated, when at least 50% minimum is required (according to their Constitution).
  • In both countries (Greece and Skopje) we had tremendous political pressure, by the world leaders
  • The relevant votes and majorities, in both parliaments, were achieved with the pressure and redemption of consciousness of many members
  • The president of Skopje have not signed the agreement yet
  • The UN have not formally accepted the new name, yet
  • And many – many other examples of democracy and law violations

So this agreement is a humanitarian crime against both countries, both people, where it:

The very basic points of the Makedonian history and identity, are no closer, to the people and the country of Skopje, as the ones of Brazil and Japan! 
    • Krateros = powerful
    • Philippos = Filos + ippos = friend of horse
    • Alexandros = Alex + andros = protect from the man (from the enemy)
    • Amyntas =  defence
    • The 3 main Makedonian dynasties were Greek, were the oldest and biggest (Argeads) claimed their origin from the famous Greek hero Hercules and region Argos (in Peloponnese, near Sparta). The other 2 had also 100% Greek names (Antigonid and Antipratrid)
  • The family and other people connected with Alexander the Great:
    • Philippos II (father)
    • Olympias (mother) = from the mount Olympus. Olympia is also the holy place where were held the Greek Olympic games every four years beginning in 776 B.C. https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/517/ .
    • Thessaloniki (sister) took her name from the victory (= niki) of Makedonians against the Greek region of Thessaly = Thessalon+niki
    • Leonidas (his uncle and his first teacher), had the same name with many other Greeks, like Leonidas from Sparta, very famous for his heroic defence with 300 Spartans against 100.000 Persians at Thermopylae 480 B.C.
o    Aristotelis = aristos+telos = (the man with) best intentions, teacher of Alexander the Great.
o    Alexander named his horse Voukefalas = Vou + kefalas = ox's  head (because he had a big head)
  • All written evidence is only in the Greek language (e.g. inscriptions on monuments and coins)
  • The house of the Greek gods where on the mountain Olympos in Makedonia
  • Alexander the Great was fighting for the freedom and the glory of Greece and spread the Geek language in most occupied countries
  • The era after the death of Alexander was named The Hellenistic Era (Greek Era)

 Generally the people who are aware of the classic ancient history, or are speaking Greek, understand that this is an unbelievable story and a joke that we have to end for
  • The sake of global history
  • for an EU without frontiers, but with strong ethnic identities, who will sustain their history and tradition
  • for peaceful neighbouring
  • for better future for our children in the Balkans and Europe

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