PM Netanyahu's perfect response to Trump's bold and courageous decision

President Trump realized a campaign promise, moral truth, and historical fact when he declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

King David made Jerusalem the capital of Israel and the Jewish people 3,000 years ago, and the Jewish Temple was built there roughly 3,000 years ago also.
The Temple was destroyed, but Jews continued to live in Israel and yearn for Jerusalem.
It was only a few hundred years ago that Muslims built mosques on top of the Temple Mount – the location of the destroyed Temple.
And as for the palestinians? The Holy Land was later renamed “Palestine”, and Jews still lived there.
It was only in the last century that the Arabs who lived in Palestine (alongside the Jewish people who had been there for 3,000 years) decided to invent for themselves a fabricated ‘palestinian national identity.’
Let’s get this straight – the original Jewish national claim dates back three MILLENNIA, and the fabricated palestinian national identity only goes back a few decades.
In conclusion, Jews have every right to Israel and Jerusalem.
President Trump made the bold, strong and true step to recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
Thank you, President Trump, and hopefully other world leaders will have the honesty and strength to also recognize Jerusalem as the capital, despite threats from radical Islam for violence.
We won’t give in to terrorists.

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